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The Ramen Girl, reviewed

15 Aug

For all you foodie movie goers who rushed to go see Julie&Julia last Friday, I’ve got a good suggestion for you if you’re not ‘foodied-out’.

About two months ago – and I can’t believe it’s already been two months; time sure does fly! – I received a copy of a Japanese film staring Brittany Murphy called The Ramen Girl.

It’s about a carefree American girl Abby (Brittany Murphy) who travels to Japan to move in with her boy friend only for him to leave her after a month as he goes on to pursue ‘better’ things. (He does claim that he did not ask her move to Japan and that she just moved over without any warning).

Feeling hopeless and deceived on a rainy night, she wanders into a nearby ramen shop owned by Maezumi, the ramen chef, and his wife Reiko. Tears streaming down her face, mascara running wild, the wife offers her a free bowl of ramen to calm her nerves. That magical night, that one bowl of ramen changes everything for Abby. Eyes wide open and stomach full, Abby thanks the couple and returns to her apartment a few houses away. From that fateful moment onward, Abby decides to quit her boring English translator job at a Japanese company in order to train as a ramen chef.

It takes more than a wish and a meager interest for Abby to stay dedicated to learning ramen when Maezumi demands that she first clean from early dawn and waitress from midday to late night before she even touch the ramen. Not wanting to give up on yet another thing in life, Abby tries to do everything just that way Maezumi demands, but with the language barrior between the two and two broken hearts, the movie proves to be an interesting, heart-breaking and heart-warming flick.

For more information on the movie, actors, or director go here.

This movie is about ramen, a Japanese staple if you will. It’s a brilliant movie to sit at home and watch. It has good laughs and light-hearted comedy. For sure, some appreciation for the Japanese will evolve, I guarantee you. :)

You can probably rent it at your local Blockbusters (do people still use this?) or Netflix (not sure if they carry it, but worth the try). I know that the $1 movie rentals from Redbox does not, so you’re out of luck there. But if you’re really lazy,  then you can watch the entire movie online on youtube.

The Ramen Girl Movie (Full) on Youtube: Here

The Ramen Girl (starring Brittany Murphy) Trailer