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Foodie Tune & Future Foodie Project

12 Oct

I just stumbled upon a good song that would be perfect on a rainy, overcast Sunday morning. I’ve listened to this song before, but I just think that it matches the weather right now: gray dismal clouds (with no chance of meatballs!). (Haha, I had to add that in. If you’ve seen this movie, let me know. As curious asI am, I haven’t had the time nor the extra pride to spare to watch it). Anyhow, the song I’ve re-found is by Jack Johnson – who I personally prefer any day to John Mayer. The song has a freestyle, lazy-day feel to it. I’m sure you’ll love it, especially when you’re marking your own banana pancakes on a pajama morning. :)

Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes

The Noddle (Physics) Project

So you’re still here, ay? You haven’t rushed off to go Google Jack Johnson or his amazing disc chorography? Well then, I shall proceed with some more foodie ideas.

I always find it so interesting how my life is so parallel and forever entwined with food. Though I haven’t exactly been assigned the project yet in my Physics class, I will be officially tomorrow. My friend gave me a heads up about the project today. Because of my school’s schedule, she takes her class first. (Lucky me, I know).

The project details are still fuzzy, but the basic gist of it is that I and my partner have to create the strongest bridge we can – out of noddles. Yup, that’s right, noddles. Of course, not after the noddles have been cooked because that would just be silly, but we’re going to be using the uncooked noddles straight from the box. We’ve been studying Newton’s first and second laws that deal with forces and such, so I assume that this is how it’s tying all together.

I’m kind of excited at the thought just to be working with food again! I haven’t been to create anything in the kitchen for the longest time and just the fact that I can work with the noddles enthralls me. Of course, I just took my final big test that I had been preparing for for the last month a half so that means that my weekend classes are done, which means that I have more time to spend in the kitchen meaning that you all get to see lovely pictures and recipes of my latest creations. :) So from now on, I should be posting up something every 10 days or so. I’ll do my best to try to make something this weekend. In fact, my classes end early on Wednesday so maybe I have some time in the afternoon to make me a galette… hm…any requests as to what I should make?