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We Heart Ramen

15 Apr

I am a college student but here in UC Davis I don’t eat instant ramen very often. The Dining Commons (DC) is just that good and convenient enough that I don’t have to cook up ramen. However, this really cool infographic was brought to my attention:

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: HackCollege.com

Original link: http://www.hackcollege.com/blog/2012/2/27/infographic-we-love-ramen.html

Isn’t it cool? I thought so too and decided to make my own version of ramen. Granted this isn’t going to be super healthy but I did my best.

My ramen with egg and vegetables (red/black/green things). Photo taken using my smartphone's app called "PicsArt"; setting: Pastel.

Nell’s Quick Ramen


  • 1 package of ramen
  • 1 egg, boiled (takes 5-7 minutes, depends on how well you want the egg to be cooked)
  • 1/2 cup frozen vegetables, thawed
  • ground cayenne pepper OR freshly ground black pepper to taste (optional)

Ramen Ingredients


  1. Cook ramen according to package. Usually this means 2 cups of boiling water per 1 package of ramen. Cook ramen in boiling water for 3 minutes (or package’s required time).
  2. Thaw and warm up frozen vegetables in microwave. For my microwave, it took 1 minute. It will vary based on strength of microwave.
  3. Slice up boiled egg in about 1/4 inch slices.
  4. Once the ramen is cooked, pour the entire contents (water and noddles) into a medium bowl. Mix in vegetables and ground caynene pepper or black pepper to taste. Sprinkle a little bit of the spices from the ‘spice packet’ provided in the ramen package. Do NOT pour it all if you want to reduce the sodium (and unhealthiness).  Top with sliced egg.
  5. Eat and enjoy!
My thoughts taste-wise? Not too bad actually. Of course I didn’t use all of the spice packet so the flavor wasn’t as strong as usual but I added the ground cayenne pepper to give it a kick. Having the egg slightly “gooey” helps too.
Glad this infographic was shown to me. I’m tempted to try to Spaghetti Ramen and Breakfast Ramen too… :)

Updates in the New Year

15 Feb

I can’t wait for spring. Bring on those allergies!

Cherry Blossoms at Housing Department

Beautiful cherry blossoms outside Student Housing building

Oh, and happy belated Valentine’s Day to you!

Happy Valentine's Day :)

A purple daisy for you!

A purple daisy for you! --- Basket of roses and purple daisies courtesy of my mom.

Terrarium from Papa

Received a terrarium from Papa

It was one of my best friend’s birthday on January 23rd so I sent her a lovely care package filled with goodies.

Birthday Care Package: Chocolate covered pomegranit seeds, chocolate mints, Hi-Chew candy, a stuffed cow with a T-shirt that reads "Someone from UC Davis loves me", and a cute ducky letter ---- oh, and don't mind the awkward person in the background...that's just my friend (I think) or her roommate P

Dry Hair Remedy

My hair has been feeling dry because of the cold winter weather here, so I found a new way of hydrating it: avacados, bananas, and egg.

Now don’t laugh because it works. Ladies (and gents), if you have dry hair on the verge of split ends this is a great remedy.Many shampoos that claim to rehydrate hair have avacado oils so why not just ditch the extra chemicals and go straight for the real fruit? Bananas are also helpful for making hair shiny. However, I listed it below as optional because it gets very sticky and is hard to remove.

After the first use, I saw a great difference. My hair was soft and shinier. The next week I didn’t even have time to use the homemade remedy and my hair still was soft after shampooing.

Here’s what I did:

– 1 ripe avocado, mashed

– 1 egg, beaten lightly

– 1/2 ripe banana, mashed (optional)

– long-toothed comb (a must-have if using banana)

As you can see, the banana and avacado here are not that ripe. You MUST use ripe fruits otherwise the avacado will crumble instead of turning into a mush. Banana is also hard to smush but still useable.

After combining all these together in a clean bowl, spread onto the dry parts of your hair. For me, this was from the mid part of my hair to the bottoms (not the top). Lather up your hair as if you were shampooing. Keep in hair for 2 hours. Wash out, and then shampoo and condition hair as usual. Do this twice a week at least. Results guaranteed! :)

*If using the banana, then make sure you have a long-toothed comb. I suggest leaving hair wet after washing it, and thoroughly combing all the banana fibers out.

Since I’ve been away for a long time, I’ll just sum up these past 3-4 months as:

fun! Met lots of nice people at college.

successful! Got a 4.0 last quarter.

laid back! It didn’t seem like that last quarter but compared to this quarter, it sure is. This quarter is a killer with the extra class I’m taking, applying for jobs, and finding the right apartment to live in next school year.

Since it is the new year, I do have some resolutions:

1. Make more friends. –> I have a great start already :)

CKI Greengate Elementary Volunteer Event --- awesome people, might I add. <3

2. Maintain friendships better. –>Working on this. Care package is a start!

3. Keep up my grades. –>So far, so good.

4. Apply (and hopefully get hired) for a job during summer and/or the next school year. –>So far, I have a job for the summer as an Orientation Leader for incoming freshmen and transfer students! Yea!

5. Make the most of college socially, academically, and spiritually. –>Bible study is going well.

Things I would like to do:

– read more often

– sleep more

– go out more

– bake more

– update this blog more!

What are your new year’s resolutions? Or, why don’t you have any?

Food-related Tidbits from my Classes:

Think of this essay as orange. You want to squeeze it to get the juice, but you don’t want to squeeze it so much that all the pulp and seeds come out. I will grade your essay as if it were a glass of orange juice so try not to over think (and do) it; I don’t want any pulp or seeds. – Cultural Anthropology Teacher Assistant (TA)

You can’t be nice. In economics you’ll find that when you try to give something away you simply can’t do it. For example, there’s this restaurant in San Francisco that serves a $20 meal for only $10. Great deal right? Well not really. You see, the line of people waiting to eat at the restaurant is extremely long. People wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before they are seated. They pay less $ but they lose their time, which could be used for something more productively. Like they could be eating somewhere else, spending their money elsewhere, which would help society’s economy. This of course assumes that the monetary value of the people waiting is the same for all

Now assume the restaurant owners feel bad for the people waiting in line so they start serving FREE wine. Nice right? Nope. By doing this, the restaurant is creating rent seeking loss, hurting society’s total surplus, and wasting people’s time. – Microeconomics Professor

A mi me gusta cocinar, comer, y cenar. Y tu? – phrase from my Spanish essay (pardon the lack of accents and upside ? mark)

Translation: I like to cook, eat, and dine out. And you?

Comment below on what you like to cook or bake.

77. Cooks often add some salt to water before boiling it. Some people say this helps the cooking process by raising the boiling point of the water. Others say not enough salt is usually added to make any noticeable difference. Approximately how many grams of NaCl (salt) must be added to a liter of water at 1 atmosphere of pressure (normal room pressure) to raise the boiling point by 2C? Is this a typical amount of salt that you might add to cooking water? – Problem from my chemistry textbook

In regards, to this question what is salt used for if it’s not to raise the boiling point? I know some cooks add salt to water when boiling pasta to make it tastier.

Wow. 113 grams of salt is needed! Feel free to double check my math. There's always room for mistakes.

Morning Endeavors: Fat-Free Blueberry Muffins & Breakfast Burritos

26 Jul
Fat-Free Blueberry Muffins
from Krusteaz’s Mix

I love blueberry muffins. I’ve fallen in love with a Buttermilk Blueberry Muffin recipe from Joy of Baking. The muffins puff up and have almost a crunchy texture with a rustic look. Beautiful and wonderful taste. These aren’t like the giant ones from the store though; I have yet to find a recipe like that. If there are any suggestions, I’m totally up to the challenge. But anyway…

Making blueberry muffins has a been a kind of hassle for me because I usually buy the frozen blueberries because the raw ones are just always expensive and because I feel guilty eating them when it calls for lots of sugar or butter. But then, I found something the other day while at my local grocery store…

Krusteaz’s Fat-Free Blueberry Muffins with just 130 calories per muffin. ($3.5 per box; makes 11 muffins)

I was skeptical, but desperate for blueberry muffins. I grabbed the mix from the shelf and proceeded to buy it before I convinced myself otherwise.

I prepared the mix that very day and out came my beautiful blueberry muffins. :)

This is what the packaged blueberries looked like. I’ll agree that it didn’t look like much when I first saw it, but I just continued on determined to make blueberry muffins.

The muffins reached over the top of the paper liners, but not enough to call them “super top” muffins.

The inside was moist, soft, and delectable almost cake-like but a bit denser. The blueberries turned out perfectly fine, not too many streaks of blue when I folded them in. The overall result was that I’d make these again and again because it was so soft with the right amount of sweetness that I still can’t believe that these are fat free. Not as good as the buttermilk blueberry muffins I’m accustomed to making, but good enough to sustain me while I can eat guilt free. :)

Healthy Breakfast Burritos
made w/ Mission Carb Balance Burritos

I couldn’t help myself; I was just on a roll while at the grocery store that day when I bought the blueberry mix. I happened upon Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Burritos (package of 8).

Nutrition Info Here.

I love whole grains and have given up eating refined grains except for the occasional buttermilk pancakes and english muffin. As for my pastas and toast at home, it’s all whole wheat so naturally I was tickled when I saw these. Burritos are perfect for summer when you start grilling because it’s so easy to just toss things in, roll it up, and then chow down.

These turned out perfect for my morning endeavor making breakfast. They were flat and thick, not fluffy or puffy like some of the other burritos I’ve come across.

Here’s some pictures of my healthy endeavor!

Turkey-n-Egg Burrito

Filling Ingredients:
– 2 slices Hillshire Farms Deli Sliced Honey Roasted Turkey
– 1/4 cup mixed greens
– 1 egg, scrambled w/ a handful of chopped chives and pepper and salt to taste
– 1/4 cup mix of sauteed and fresh, sliced white button mushroom
– 1/3 cup Thai fried rice from the Pagan Restaurant; any (fried) rice will do
*because of the Thai fried rice, I didn’t add any salsa, but I suggest that you do to give your burrito a good kick

Spam-n-Egg Burrito

Filling Ingredients:
– 2 eggs, scrambled w/ a handful of chives and pepper and salt to taste
– 1/4 cup sauteed white button mushrooms
– 3 slices of Hormel’s white turkey spam
– 1/3 cup Thai fried rice

Enjoy a healthier, lighter breakfast!

P.S. If you have a sweet tooth early in the morning, try making the ‘Lighter’ Pound Cake Loaf in my previous post. :)