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The Real Julie Powell

11 Aug

The Real Julie Powell

If you’ve seen the movie or are planning to see the movie, then you’re probably wondering who the real Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) is. Did her blog really exist? Did she really gain many followers? And did her blog “The Julie/Julia Project” actually become the top blog on The answer to that is: Yes, she did.

Julie Powell’s old blog “Julie/Julia Project”:

There aren’t many posts in the blog because I’m guessing that she deleted them or made them private, but if you want to know about her past adventures, then you can buy her book and/or see the movie.

However, once you read the book and/or see the movie, then you’ll love reading her new blog. (Yup! Once a blogger, always a blogger). Instead of using, Julie Powell uses (I just switched from Blogger and must say that I liked my move. WordPress had more oranization with the tags and categories, something that’s good for my pictures and recipes. But anyways,), she calls her blog “What Could Happen?” And truly, anything could happen right now. From a small blog to a book and now a movie, Julie Powell is in a good part of her life right now.

Julie Powell’s New Blog: What Could Happen? (Opens in a new window)

Julie Powell’s Personality

Julie said in an interview that Amy Adams is a ‘nicer’ version of her. She also mentioned that she does drop swear words every now and then in her book and blog.

Interviews & and the Like

Powell’s Book INC Interview w/ Julie Powell

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The Real Julie Powell! (Video Interview by Associated Press)
Author Julie Powell chats with Bill and Lori about what it’s like to have someone play your life in a major motion picture! Her novel Julie & Julia was recently made into a movie that is comming out this August!