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Petition Worth Checking Out

30 May

I know when coming to petitions, most of us get lazy. Perhaps the first thing we think of are the people with clipboards at the grocery store trying to get you to sign their petition to save the whales, to save the rain forest, to save the lions, tigers, bears (oh my!). I get it. There are petitions everywhere trying to get you to sign this and sign this as if you weren’t tired of signing those bills already. But there they are, persistent and confident that their cause is worth getting rejected 1,000 times.

I am that person.

Now, usually I wouldn’t consider myself one of those (cause geez, I just feel bad for them when they’re standing out there in the cold getting weary looks and people avoiding them). But this is different.

This petition is about how the media and fashion industry promotes “skinny” being “beautiful” when in fact, we know that is not true. Many girls who are just 10 years old are receiving this message and so many girls become anorexic or bulimic at such a young age. I remember reading young adult books about these kinds of things thinking, “Does this really happen?” And what I’ve realized is that, yes, this does happen. And we’ve got to do something about it. So, I founded this petition.

The link is above as well as at the very bottom of all my posts. Sign the petition if you care, or simply check out the link and read more information about it. There’s a pretty cool video there too. Then, if you feel strongly to, pass it on to your friends. :)

Beauty is of all sizes. Each one of us is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous just the way we are. We are who we are and no one can change that. Help me tell the fashion industry of the United States that they should have models that are not just a size 0 or 2. Represent us equally, please!