Mini Shepherd’s Pie Tarts

17 Mar

Luck o’ the Irish be with you all! Ho ho ho!

Just imagine a big leprechaun saying this.

But either way, I think I just combined two holidays (St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas). Uh, that kind of shows you how much I know about St. Patrick’s Day lingo. And I just found out after I made the mini shepherd’s pies that they aren’t even Irish; they’re English. (I know I’m 1/8th Irish, but hey, I just found out a earlier this year.)

Anyway, if you’ve got nothing better to do, then sit back and enjoy my anecdote and lovely pictures.

For a recipe, please comment below or email me at

Since I’m the baker in the family, my mom comes to me with all things baking-related.

Last Saturday, she told me about her office’s Irish potluck.

“Uh huh…” I said as I flipped through my Calculus book trying to figure out how to “undo” the Product Equation.

“So, I was thinking of making those pasties with the ground beef, carrots, and peas.”

“Mhmm…that sounds delicious.”

“Yes, do you think you can help me?”

I look up and see her smiling real big.

“Of course. Did you need to ask?” I say smiling back.

And that was how I got involved in this special St. Patty’s-themed endeavor.

Since I didn’t want to spend so much time making the puff pastry that she originally wanted, I offered her the alternative of making shepherd’s pie tarts. (See, it all started out Irish, but when I made it into shepherd’s pie, I took the “Irish” out of it. Whoops.)

"Topless" Shepard Pie Tarts (no mashed potatoes yet)

I made the bases of the tarts on Tuesday and last night my mom made the filling. Using my frosting piper, I managed to dress up the mashed potatoes on top into a cute curly pattern. Then toasting them in a toaster oven, we got the golden edge on them. (Hungry, yet?)

Shepard's Pie Tart (upclose)

Since I’ve never made puff pastry, I am looking forward to having more time during summer to making croissants and other puff-pastry desserts. After all, I do have a cookbook dedicated to puff pastries alone.

Anyways, enough chit-chat here. Hope you enjoy your St. Patty’s Day! And I hope you wore green.

A True Duo: Shepard Pie Tarts

Shepherd's Pie Tarts (golden brown)

A little note you might find interesting: I was constantly misspelling “shepherd” as “shepard”. However, there’s a legit reason! In my government class, I just presented on the case Sheppard v. Maxwell. :)

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  1. whatsaysyou March 18, 2011 at 3:13 am #

    I spy a pie and they sure look yummy

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