Bake Sale – Phase 1 Completed

14 Jan

So I’ve been working on my gingerbread project. You know, the Painted Ladies ones. And it’s been going pretty well. I have ended up only doing four though because the base board is too small to fit all.

But I’m here just because I’m really excited to say that I’m organizing a bake sale at my school! It’s really not that big but I’ve been doing the legwork all by myself – talking to adminstrators, fulfilling requirements/”legalities”, and even making fliers and announcements. It’s been somewhat of an overload but it’s all worth it.

I’m most excited about selling my biscotti in the teacher’s lounge. I don’t know of any other student who has thought of targeting the “teacher market” yet so I might be the first!

I’ve decided that I’m going to make the capucchino, almond/pecan, vanilla, and chocolate dipped varieties. Everyone I know who has tried them loves them so I’m hoping that they weren’t lying (har har) because if the biscotti are actually as good as people say they are, then I might get an awesome turn out.

As for the students, I’m baking tons of cupcakes. I’m thinking red velet, vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and anything else I have a recipe for. My friends Tina, Danielle, and Michelle were even nice enough to volunteer to make cookies or brownies. And my other friends Carolyn, Naomi, and Shanelle are helping sell.

I’m super excited at the idea that this fundraising event that I iniated could turn out well!


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