Bake Sale Success

21 Oct

Remember how I wrote that I was volunteering at St. Anne’s kitchen? Well, I have been helping Elvira the head baker these past couple weeks, and her big day finally came: the St. Anne’s Rummage Sale! The rummage for sale included furniture, art, clothes, and FOOD – baked goods.

And guess who had to bake everything?

(No, not me.) Elvira!

But guess who got to help? :)

None other than yours truly!

I helped her make her chocolate oatmeal cookies, tarts, and banana loaf cake. She was even kind enough to let me take home six, giant-sized cookies, which have now prompted my obsession with chocolate oatmeal cookies. I can’t get enough! And just when I ran out on Monday, my friend’s birthday was on Tuesday and her other friend brought in more!

Anyway, here are the photos. Hope you’re eating something good tonight.

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies and Banana Loaf Cake

Indulge and admire the chewy, chocolate-y-ness of the oatmeal cookie, and the moist crumb of the banana cake.

Guess who’s got the recipe? ;)


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