A Mad Baker

11 Sep

That was me. A mad baker. At least for Thursday night. If you didn’t see my tweet about it, then you wouldn’t know it, but I was a mad baking machine last night. I started at 6:30 pm to bake a lemon pecan cake, chocolate cake (which I have found is similar to a red velvet cake without the red dye), a vanilla pound cake, chocolate cappuccino biscotti, and cranberry bran muffins.

Why would I insanely dive into such baking rigor?

Well, my mom’s office is having an auction Saturday to raise money for their Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure team. It was for a good cause so I thought, “Why not?”

It didn’t occur to me – and it never really does – that I would have to (inconveniently) bake on Thursday night. It didn’t occur to me that I would be making so much in so little time. It didn’t occur to me the dozens of times I would be washing and rewashing bowls, mixers, and pans.

I ended up baking and organizing the basket until 11:30pm, but it was for a good cause so all the time, effort, and stress was worth it.

Check out my basket!

Auction Basket 2

Auction Basket

And in case you noticed that the cake loafs in the basket are quite small, that’s because the rest of the cake batter went into actual .75 and 1 lb loaf pans. Those I am bringing to share at Social Sunday at my local church.


One Response to “A Mad Baker”

  1. burgeoningfoodie September 13, 2010 at 2:20 pm #

    Saw you mentioned on Peter’s blog and thought I’d take a look. How did you find the time and space to do so much cooking/baking in one night? I do one loaf of bread at 5pm and barely finish befoer 9 it seems. Good luck and congrats on the baking odyssey.

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