St. Patrick’s Day Bake Sale: Green Treats Galore!

17 Mar

My school newspaper The Emerald and literary journal The Oracle held their annual charity bake sale this beautiful, sunny St. Patty’s Day. All the proceeds went to aid the relief in Chile. (Don’t worry other student clubs held previous drives for the people in Haiti). As members of either of these two publications, we were asked to donate our time, talent, and money to this bake sale. Some chose to buy their treats from local grocery stores while others like myself decided to push off homework for a while and get down to baking!

The Crew manning the Bake Sale Table

What did I end up baking up for this worthy cause? Well, I decided that I was going to risk baking two dozen vanilla cupcakes two nights before the actual bake sale. I didn’t have too much time to actually make cupcakes from scratch BUT I did try to make as homemade as possible. The major change that I made was whipping the egg whites and egg yolks (3 each) separate from each other to make the cupcakes fluffier and more like sponge cake. (This is always a request at home because I have a mom that simply loves sponge cake, angel cake, chiffon cake, and any other air-like cake possible).

Denautred Egg WhitesI would like to say that whipping the egg whites made the cupcakes better but I’m not too sure if I’m bias. I do not know if I mentioned this before, but I’ve actually denatured egg whites twice before … by hand. The first time, I did not really know what “denaturing” meant so it was only half-way whipped and consequently the cake was a flat dud. The second time, I had already attended the Sur La Table baking class so I knew what denatured egg whites were supposed to look like. However, what I did not know was how long it was going to take me nor how tired my hand was going to be after. I think it took me about 40 minutes to denature 6 egg whites. “Never again,” I remember thinking, “at least not without a hand mixer”.

So this time, I used my handy-dandy yellow hand mixer to denature the 3 egg whites. In the words from Wicked the Musical, “I couldn’t [have been] happier” to finally: 1) use my hand mixer and 2) denature egg whites ‘perfectly’. Still, I’m very proud to say that I denatured egg whites by hand. Too bad I didn’t have any pictures. Guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.St. Patty Cupcakes

Anywho, this is how my St. Patty- themed cupcakes turned out. I was just so glad that every single one of my cupcakes sold out! And to think that the entire table was filled with different delectable treats! The price of everything was the same too: $0.50 each. At the end, things starting for selling for $.25, but by that time, my cupcakes were all gone.

The exact amount we made today has not been officially released to us yet but I’m hoping for something in the range of $50 – $70. We’re crossing our fingers!

[On a random tangent…This gets me thinking though. Last year, I sold my baked goods at my mom’s office last year and was able to raise about $25 all by myself. I donated all the money to The Great American Bake Sale, which provides funding for after school and breakfast programs in the United States. I was thinking I could do this again, but somehow I wish I could raise more than that, like somehow sell on a larger scale. Hm… I guess I’ll have to think about it and let it simmer for a while on the back stove top.]

Well, at any rate, I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was as festive and fun as mine! And, I do hope that you wore green today or else your arm is probably sore from all the pinches. :)


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