When Friends Love You …

15 Jan

Well, this is going to be a really short, short post, but I just thought that I’d share with you my beaming rays of happiness in the dark, overcast day by the Bay.

Due to finals, none of my friends and I really had time to buy gifts for one another so for the past week, I’ve been getting belated Christmas presents! And actually, it’s kind of nice not expecting presents and having them being given to you. One of my friends got me a beautiful necklace (thanks, Shan!) and my other friend (Yee) got me – and this made me kind of laugh – a book.

When she handed over the Christmas-y wrapped present, I wasn’t sure what exactly what the package was, but I jokingly said, “Hey, are you trying to tell me that I need to study more? Is this a textbook?” And she kind of laughed and told me to open it later. (She did not want me to open it with her there). So I did what she said and opened it after my last class when I remember why my backpack was so heavy.

I carefully unwrapped the package and saw the spine of a book. I nearly laughed because I really did not think it was a book. After all, what book could it be? I slipped out the book and felt its soft cushion-y cover. I flipped it over and smiled. She has gotten me the book 1 Dough, 100 Recipes. It was a cookie book!

Well, naturally, I put down my homework and started flipping through it, carefully feeling the texture of the book. The binding was tight. The cover was pillow-like. The pages were crisp and had a “new book” smell that I love. The recipes were very basic – afterall, all the cookies are made from one basic dough – but I was still very happy. I can just picture her seeing that book, remembering me, and then buying it! It’s so sweet when friends remember you and your hobbies. ^^

The second ray of sunshine that I appreciated today came from my best friend, Mish. The last time the cafeteria was serving Clam chowder bread bowls was about two weeks ago when I offered to stand in line and buy lunch for Mish. We agreed that she would get the actual breadbowl, but that I would get the little cut-off top, or the lid, since I would be waiting in line. I had my own lunch but I always loved the bread bowls. By the time I had gotten to the cafeteria though, there were no more chowder bowls so I settled on buying her a pizza instead – definitely not a great substitute.

Well, today, Mish plopped down at our table, nudged me from my deep focus on my notes, and said, “Hey, best friend, look what I’ve got?” I looked over and saw a steaming hot New England Clam Chowder Bowl with a huge bread lid! She gave me the lid and began to slurp the soup.

“It’s good, huh?” I said between bitefulls of bread.

“Yup, cheers!” Mish said.

To that we bumped the lid (which I had put my chicken and tomatoes, making it into a bruchetta slice) and the bowl together.

Friends are good, aren’t they? :)

Hope your week went well too.


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