Walking + Friends + Perry’s Restaurant = Great Day

20 Jul

I seem to have so much energy, don’t I? How do I get myself into these things? Haha. Yesterday I’m with my friend touring UC Davis and now today, I go participate in the annual Aids Walk. Between the two days, I’ve walked about 10 miles. I’ve got a blister on my foot now and a mean suntan to prove for it. I think I’ve gotten more exercise in the last two days than the last month and a half I’ve been at school. But no problem, today was so much fun.

I was a part of a team that raised over $900 for the Aids Walk. We had been planning to do this walk ever since April so we were excited for today. I unknowingly placed the two “walking” days together, but I’m still alive so all is well. I managed to survive the walk with all the volunteer cheerers and freebies – ice cream, fruit, granola bars, croissants, hot dogs, and hamburgers – all the way as well as afterwards. I don’t have any photos of the trip (I’m sorry!) because I forgot that I had brought my camera. All I can say is that it was a fun event and worth the stupid blister on my foot.

After leaving Golden Gate Park, about four of us decided to go get some lunch on Union Street near Filmore Street. It’s a cute area with endless boutiques, restaurants, cafe’s, and salons. The perfect “yuppy” area, I suppose. My friend recommended a place that she used to go to before: Perry’s. Apparently there was another Perry’s in the city at a hotel, but this was the original.

From the outside it hardly looked any different from all the other stylish cafes in the area so this made me wonder how it managed to stay in business. In fact, I wondered how any of the cafes stayed in business as each cafe and restaurant looked so good and appealing. My thoughts were confirmed as I saw at least one “For Lease” sign every block. However, I was sure that if Perry’s managed to survive a long time even during the drooping economy, it was must something special.

Perry’s Restaurant on Union Street, SF

Ambiance: Nice and quirky, much like like Caffe Italia. Cool historic San Francisco pictures and iconic figures like James Dean and sports related artwork. There is a outdoor seating, a bar inside with some tables in that room, a small hallway that leads to the back where there are more seats and a small outdoor area lit by sunlight. That’s where we sat. There’s a small upstairs for a few more seats and the restrooms. Definitely charming.

My friend claimed that it had been there for 40 years, and it was confirmed when we came to the table.

What we ordered:

Perry’s Club Sandwich – $10.95

roasted turkey with Hobbs bacon; plus a side of fries or sweet potato fries

The Baby Spinach Salad – $8.95
with pears, candied walnuts, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

Side of Sweet Potato Fries -$4.50
Seriously, you need to try these. Instead of bland french fries, you get a sweet and slightly salty treat. Good for Perry’s, it served the fries without all the extra grease. These were so crispy!
The Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich – $10.75
with green and red peppers, slices of yellow squash, and mozzarella cheese, and pesto sauce (versus mayo)

Reasonable (especially for the area), but definitely not cheap or what I consider a “bargain”.


Good place to eat. But I’d like to check out the other cafes in the area as well.


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