Noteworthy Store-Bought Breads :)

9 May

For any of you who wish to cut down on calories or like to try something new, then read on! I am listing the best healthy breads. However, I haven’t tried all of them, so try them at your own risk. And remember that these breads may or may not taste the same as the other “un-healthier” breads out there. Something’s gotta give, right? :)

White Breads:

Wonder Light Bread

With only 40 calories and 5 fat calories per slice and 8% of the daily amount of fiber as well as calcium, this white bread is a great alternative to the Wonder Classic White Bread, which has 60 calories and no fiber at all. The Classic White Bread has about 2% more calcium, but perhaps it’s worth the trade off.

Sara Lee ® 45 Calories Delightful White Bread

This delightful white bread has only 45 calories – and Sara Lee is quite proud of it. However, I can’t say much about the rest of it because Sara Lee does not list any of its nutrient facts online! Definitely check this out at the store though.

Wheat Breads

Wonder Light Wheat Bread

Again, only 40 calories and 5 fat calories per slice and 8% of the daily amount of calcium. Compared to the Wonder Light White Bread, the wheat bread has 12% of the daily amount of fiber.

Fiber is said to be good to make the stomach feel fuller longer, so you might just end up eating less slices of bread. :)

Sara Lee ® 45 Calories Delightful Wheat Bread

Like the Sara Lee’s delightful white bread, this one has 45 calories and 9g of fat per slice. Not sure about the rest of the specifics, but worth checking out at the store or if you have a coupon for it.

Special Breads

Ah hah, now this is where I would like to debut a special bread that I myself have tasted and love! From the looks of it, it seems just like every other wheat bread out there, but it’s not. Oh no, it’s special. Because first off, it isn’t wheat. It tastes like wheat and looks like wheat, but it’s actually sourdough.

Now for those of you who like sourdough, you are probably cringing at the thought of such an awful sourdough bread that it looks like a wheat bread! But trust me on this, it’s like combining the technique of sourdough with the great texture and taste of wheat: pure bliss.

If you like wheat and sourdough and are willing to take a chance, then this is the bread for you!

This bread is absolutely wonderful. Though it has 80 calories per serving, it has no fat calories at all. It is completely organic and made without any flour. It is made entirely of sprouted wheat berries, water, wheat gluten, honey, fresh yeast, sea salt, soy based lecithin, and cultured wheat.

This company is also worth checking out as they offer different kinds of breads such as the Diabetic Lifestyle Bread, Essential Flax Seed Bread, No-Salt Bread, Sprouted Rye Bread, Sprouted Barley Bread, Sprouted Wheat Bread, and even Kids Bread! They even sell bagels, pizza bread, rolls and buns, tortillas, and granolas! Check out their website:

English Muffins:

Try this Thomas’s Double Fiber Honey Wheat english muffins. These are delicious with 32% of the daily fiber suggested with less than 110 calories per muffin. Fiber keeps you full longer. :)


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