Happy New Year! It’s 2009!

5 Jan

Happy New Year! Everybody seems to be have had a tough time last year; I know I myself have and so have some of my closest (and not so close) friends and family. So I raise my glass to your glass and toast to a good new year!

Christmas vacation gave me a break that I deserved and needed. Though I only got off a week before the 25th, I do go back to school tomorrow so that gave me a good amount of time. I spent my time watching movies, baking, cooking, and with family. We all know how family can get. You’re usually somewhat orderly house is turned into complete mayhem when those relatives come over. Little cousins touching everything and spitting up everywhere, preteens isolating themselves to text to their far away friends, teenagers being forced to help if they don’t escape before chores and duties are assigned. Don’t forget about Mom – or Dad, whoever does the cooking and preparing. Mom runs around trying to figure out what to bake, when to bake it, how long to keep it baking all the while trying to entertain the people whom she calls family that have taken over her house. Stressful, yes I know what you’ve gone through. I just went through it too. But perhaps they stay for a week or two and are gone. Suddenly the house feels quiet and peaceful but then you sit in that chair exhausted and you start to miss Uncle Jack and his snores and Aunt Lillian and the way she always pinches your cheeks. You miss that crazy family of yours. Who else would your insane personality ascribe to? Family is family, so wasn’t that a blast? You’ve gone through a whirlwind of fun. Presents aren’t even the best part.

After my house seemed to regain its regular pace of things, I baked. This is made part of the fact that I got a Breadman Pro for Christmas. (If you don’t know what this is, you can probably guess that it’s a machine that makes bread. You put in the ingredients, select the cycle, and the machine mixes and bakes the bread for you all in three hours or less! Jams, dough, and pastas are all possible too.) So with my handy, dandy Breadman Pro I’ve created two types of cinnamin raisin walnut bread, banana bread, and blueberry bread! I’ve also created almond cookies, brownies, and oatmeal cookies by hand. Absolutely delicious! I recommend the Breadman Pro for any person that loves to bake and create! Endless recipies online and convient to use. (Haha, don’t I sound just like a sale rep?)

Basically, my vacation was great. And I hope yours was too. Hope your New Years celebration was awesome! Cheers!


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